KCL – GERMANY 633 WaveBreaker Anti-Vibration Leather Glove Black 13″ Size 10

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WaveBreaker® is used with all machines that cause vibrations. Depending on task and workplace the vibrations may be carried forward through the hand and the arm up to the shoulder.

Excessive influences of hand arm vibrations can cause disturbances of the finger circulation and the neurological and motor functions of hand and arm.
The term “Hand Arm vibration syndrome” is generally used to describe vascular, neurological, muscular and skeletal disturbances that are connected with Hand Arm Vibration.

Our WaveBreaker® offer the best possible protection against vibrations. They offer very good protection against vibration in the medium vibration range (TRM 31.5 to 200 Hz) and high vibration range (TRH 200 to 1250 Hz). It is an advancement of our articles 630, 631 and 632 with regards to an improved usability, design and flexibility. The risk of a HAVS (hand-arm-vibration syndrome) is reduced significantly and the glove user’s comfort is increased by fare.

EN 388 Level 2121

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