2000/3000 Bar HydroBlasting

  • TST Safety Boots 3000 Bar ...


    Boots 3000 feature moulded and jointed aluminum gaiters fixed to high quality slip-resistant, steel-toed safety boots. Provide excellent comfort and mobility. Conform to the standards BGR 191 and EN 345-1 99A5 S5. Mens sizes only.

  • TST Work Apron 20/30 One Size ...


    • Fast and easy gear-up to maximize productivity – no fighting with numerous tangled buckles and straps.
    • Resists water and dirt – more durable than alternative suit fabric, keeps operators dry and light.
    • Manufactured with lightweight and flexible Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber1 – for maximum protection without compromising comfort and mobility.
    • Variety of suit options – perfect for every need and budget.
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